Collection: Albena Hristova

When asked why she became an artist, Albena Hristova says, "The question of why has never existed in my life in respect to art. It was my destiny and I never thought I could be something else but an artist. I think of myself as an artist by birth."

Albena spent her formative years in the studio of her mother, the leading restorer of the Bulgarian National Gallery in Sophia. She also accompanied her to projects in nearby churches and monasteries. Recognizing art as her passion and her future, she attended four years of fine art high school followed by six years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. She graduated with a Master Degree in mural painting. After completing two murals, she started working in oil and mixed techniques. Her pride as an artist is clearly seen as she experiments and develops new and different techniques. "I select the technique depending on the subject matter and the overall impression that I am targeting," explains Albena.

Over the past ten years she has had five solo exhibitions and numerous group shows. Her work can be seen in the permanent collection at the National Art Gallery in Sofia, and in various private collections worldwide.