Collection: Alan Majchrowiz

I am a photographer specializing in landscape and nature imagery. My intense passion for our natural world has led me on a lifelong journey to explore and photograph all aspects of our natural environment. With my camera, I actively search out subject matter as diverse as classic grand vistas, to the smallest details, and ever-changing moods in nature.

Throughout this journey, I strive to gain an intimate knowledge of my subject matter. I believe that only through this understanding can I create images that speak to the viewer, helping to bring a deeper appreciation of the world we are all a part of.

To this end, I will often return many times to a location in varying conditions to build on my understanding of its personality. A successful image can sometimes only be realized months, or even years, after an initial visit. Often visualizing the correct processing for a specific image isn’t always apparent at first. As with physically returning to a location, I will often revisit an image in my files with new insight to complete the final visualization.