Collection: Chris Paschke

Chris Paschke is an internationally accomplished artist and calligrapher.

Her fascination with both Eastern and Western letterforms has been a lifelong study.  Chris has studied with European master calligraphers in Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Russia, and after an inspiring visit to China, her work took on a strong Asian influence.

For the past forty years, Chris has been strongly influenced by traditional Chinese masters and Japanese Sumi-e painting, crossed with the edgy abstract expressionism of Kline, Pollock, Rothko, Gottlieb, Motherwell and Jasper Johns.

Chris attended San Jose State University and Humboldt State University, receiving a BFA Creative Arts and Design, Magna Cum Laude. She is a member of the Friends of Calligraphy, San Francisco, CA; Sumi Society of America; International Encaustic Association; and Fine Art Trade Guild (UK). She keeps actively involved in all aspects of art and its place in the world.